Adidas A407 duramo S 6057 Sunglasses Rose Pink | Australia G0BJba3g

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  • Brand: Adidas
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Year: 2014
  • Frame Color: Rose Pink
  • Lens Color: LST Active Silver/Category: 3
  • Frame Shape: Single Lens
  • Frame Style: Rimless
  • Frame Material: Spx
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • UPC: 692740988467
  • Condition: New
Details UV Protection Category: 3. Base Curve: 7,5. LST Active is the lens that helps you stay ahead day after day. LST Active: Brightening effect despite high light absorption, enhanced contrast vision. Balances rapid light/shadow changes. Enhances contrasts. Improves peripheral vision. Ensures clear perception of all terrain irregularities. Brightening effect. Protects against dazzle. LST Active. Perfect for bike, running, golf, outdoors and snow. Light absorption: 84%. Loose dirt particles will be gathered up by the water droplets as they roll, leaving a clean and dry surface. The rounder the droplets the faster the water moves off the lens. Hydrophobic technology keeps the droplets rounder so they repel faster. The specially developed material SPX™ is: Made in Austria. Ultra light for maximum comfort ->1.04g/cm³. Flexible, strong and hugely force-resistant to guarantee top stability. The minimal water absorption of SPX™ safeguards this stability and offers resistance to temperature variations. Scratch- and abrasion-resistant. The high surface hardness supports the frame and ensures long durability..


Adidas A407 duramo S 's are made for every occasion. The right color combination of Rose Pink and LST Active Silver/Category: 3 make this pair the perfect accessory to any outfit. Made from Spx and coming with a 2 year warranty, these fashionable sunglasses are perfect for a day in the urban jungle, hiking or hitting the beach. Rose Pink Adidas A407 duramo S 6057 are the must have accessory.

Adidas A407 duramo S 6057 Sunglasses Rose Pink | Australia G0BJba3g

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